Ideal Poultry EE Amongst Others


6 Years
Aug 14, 2013
Hi all! I was searching for hatcheries to supply me with chicks come springtime
and I have narrowed it down to Ideal and Purely Poultry. I was interested in any pictures you guys might have of Ideal's EEs (and really and truly anything else from them). I was also wondering about the personality of the birds. Thank you.
back in june i got 14 LF cochins, 2 single comb nankin bantams, and 3OEGB's from Ideal. they all arrived healthy and even threw in an extra OEGB chick so my friend got 6 chicks instead of 5 and all are growing well and doing chicken things...i only kept 5 of the cochins as the rest were for my uncle and the bantams were bought for a friend.

both silver laced and one of the golden laced cochins had poor coloring but they are all very friendly..Trouble my barred loves sitting in my lap and falls asleep as i pet her

thursday last week i ordered more chicks from Ideal and they should be here tomorrow i believe since my previous order shipped on wednesday and arrived thursday so i think the new chicks should be here in the morning
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purely poultry dropships they do not even have poultry. they are just a .com that is into chicken flipping. i like ultimate farm chicken great birds and offer free shipping.. with you being in
CA you should look at belt hatchery if you want hatchery birds. they have a great rep too.

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