Ideal Poultry website offline?


10 Years
May 28, 2011
Lakeland, FL

I ordered some birds from Ideal Poultry to be shipped this next week, and I just went to go and re-read their policy on shipping. I believe that they ship on Monday, but this Monday is a holiday.

Their website appears to be offline.
Does anybody have any information on how they ship during holidays?

I also have some to be ordered this week, and was wondering the same thing ? My first time order with them. Also what did you get? I got 3 Buff Orphingtons, 3 Rhode Island Red, and 2 Ameraucanas...I have no idea whats going on with the website. I would also like to know, sorry i was no help
Ideal usually ships out on Wednesday, Tuesday if they hatch early. I have ordered from them 5 or 6 times now and all but once they shipped out on Wednesday (my bantams shipped out on Tuesday) Hope that helps
I'm about to call and see what's going on. I got 5 Production Black, 5 California White, and 1 mystery pullet.

I also realized that they might send packing peanuts, and I don't know what my mystery pullet will be... AHHH! Don't want to have to grow out 25 chicks just to find out who the female is. I'm going to have them marked or order insurance so that they will just send my chicks with no peanuts.

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