Ideal size for breeding pens


11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
Bremen, Ky
What is the ideal size for the following:

pair to trio of Japanese bantams

pair to trio of Seramas

pair of bantam Polish

We will be contructing new pens and some of the breeds will be indoors (listed above) so I am wondering how much room is best for good fertile eggs.


Heather J

11 Years
May 29, 2008
If these are just for breeding and you won't be putting more birds in them than you planned on, three square feet per bird for the bantams, I might go even four, just to make sure they were really comfy, and don't forget to make the run at least 20 square feet for three bantams.

I've never had Seramas, but I understand they're about half the size of bantams--or something similar, so for a trio I'd still go 6 sq feet in the coop, plus room for waterer and feeder, and nest boxes, and minimum of fifteen feet of run. If It were me and you know you'll NEVER have standards in the breeding pens, I'd size them all for the bantams so you can rotate or put different types of birds in there.

A bit more space is always preferable--for happy, healthy birds.

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