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    Today I got a call concerning my one pick from my notify me list, I was so happy it was Silkies that I have been wanting! I asked if they had any of the others that I had put under notify me and they said no, but they could put all my picks under one list and then notify me when they are all ready! Has anyone had multiply notify me and heard back? I really wanted the Silkies but there were a few others as well and just wanted to make one shipment instead of several. I really hope I do hear back from them [​IMG] , my first groups of chicks from them are doing awesome, I just wanted a few that I couldn't get the first time [​IMG] The ones I hope to get are a Buff Brahma, Iowa Blue, Silver Gray Dorking, and 3 Silkies (all pullets except for the Silkies of course).
  2. yoie

    yoie Chillin' With My Peeps

    Well I got my answer to my question, they e-mailed me saying they had what I wanted available in May [​IMG] So don't give up on Ideal, be put on thier Notify Me List they will get back to you. For me it only took a week to get an answer, and only waiting a month to get the chicks I want, not bad in my opinion!!!

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