Ideal's Specials


12 Years
Dec 15, 2010
They have some awesome buys right now! Pullets $1.75 and Bantams S/R $.95 each. Check out the advertised specials. Wish I had more room!
Yes I ordered 30 and received 32 assorted rare breed pullets. Got buff roc, partridge rock, welsimmer, dominique and black langshans. I had one die after about week but the others are doing great and about 3 or 4 weeks old now. I am thinking of making another order in the next month or so. Esp since I get free shipping from them since I am only about 6 hours away
If you sign up for their emails you will have a chance to get Call In Only Specials that are not on their website. Most of those are hatch day specials.
Both. The standard size fowl can be bought in either straight run or pullet. The bantams and crested are straight run

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