Ideas for converting this shed into something?

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    I have a shed in my chicken run measuring 2.4m long ( 7ft ) x 1.2m wide ( 3ft ) x 2.0m high ( 2m ) pointed roof.

    It was originally used for 25 laying hens but now I am getting into breeding so I only need a few nest boxes for my layers and I have another coop for my breeders and they will have their own nest boxes. So this 'nest shed' is now empty just collecting rat poop and dust.

    I can get some pictures of it tomorrow to show you what it looks like. Basically it is a rectangular prism with a pitched roof, one side has got 6 nests which are able to be accessed externally. The door is hard, small gauge wire. The back, roof and sides are metal sheeting.

    I am not to keen on moving it, I don't see it necessary but all other ideas are most welcome[​IMG].
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    I’ve found an extra coop to come in handy just to have around. I’ve had emergencies where it’s really been handy to separate chickens. So I just like the flexibility it gives me.

    As for specific uses, maybe fence off a portion of the run so you can use it as a grow-out coop or for housing them side by side for integration purposes. When it is not in use, just open the gate and let them have the entire run. Since it is interior to your run, maybe you don’t have to worry too much about predators.

    Mines come in handy for broody hens too. When my coop gets crowded I can stick a hen and her chicks out there at night, yet still let them roam with the flock during the day.

    Or just use it for storage. It doesn’t take long for junk to accumulate when you have a place to keep it. That’s one of my goals this year, clean the junk out of my shed and haul it off. So maybe take that as a warning, not a suggestion.
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    Hmmm....A grow out pen does sound good.
    I have used it in the past as a broody pen and it's just really awkward. Although I did still have my layers going in there so had to have a divider which didn't help with

    I don't think I am going to be having many hatches close after each other so I suppose I could have my broodies in there and then ad a run when they grow for my pullets.

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