Ideas for packages to send to Soldiers (or anyone really)

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  1. Well with Jason getting ready for his second 18 month tour I have really been trying to get my thinking cap on for ideas of what to send him. I know I have posted in another topic about different things. But so as to not take away from that topic I thought I would start a new one. Anyone with idea, thoughts, suggestions, etc. etc. please post along with me. I am sure we could get some wonderful ideas for people if they would like to send any soldier a package. It doesn't even have to be just for soldiers. Anyone. Everyone loves getting pacakges in the mail (as long as the package isnt' a bill...)

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    My DH loved summer sausages, skittles, those little kool aid or whatever packs that you can put in a waterbottle, flavored tuna packs, baby wipes, crossword puzzles, undies, socks,shirts non breakable christmas ornaments(homemade), pens,chewing gum, homemade cookies in vaccum sealed bags,....
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    We send a box every week to my son and his platoon...
    books, magazines, News Papers...
    protien snacks, cookies, candies,
    The last one I sent out had Valintine's day decorations in it...
    paper, envelopes, pens, sudoko, crossword puzzles, word search, playing cards...
    DVD's, CD's, phone cards, baby wipes, zip lock bags, trash bags...
    hygiene products...
    remember the girls that are over there...
    my son's platoon is all male so I dont send tampons or nail polish,....
    lip balm, hand creams, shaving creams, male face products, q-tips...
    My son said the store he has is like a small convience store it doesnt carry much...
    He doesnt have a big PX...
    shampoos, soaps,
    anyone else have ideas?
  4. Lets see....These are some of the things I had sent Jason in the past....

    ~~~THEMED BOXES~~~
    Valentines Day
    St. Patty's Day
    4th of July
    Fathers Day
    New Baby
    (all the packages were packed with foods/candys for that holiday, decorations, cards(some were blank so the soldiers could fill them out and send back)

    During Deer Hunting season I sent packages of things he would probably eat during that time.
    During the super bowl I sent him a crock pot, velveta cheese, chili in a can an chips so he could make that.
    Dart board and darts
    Cards, cribbage, poker (and chips)
    All kinds of board games (and card games)

    Beef Jerky
    Freezey pops
    Bottles of pop (the pop they get there he said doesn't taste the same)
    bottles of water (as for same reason as the pop)
    hygenie products
    socks, underwear, t-shirts(even though he couldn't wear civi clothes when he was there he could still sleep in the t-shirt)
    pillow cases, sheets, blankets, area rugs, power stripes, extention cords
    individual microwaved foods
    pancake mixes
    frying pans, crock pots, skillets, pot holders, utinsles, silverwear, plates cups
    small charcoal grill, and everything to go with it. Even charcoal.

    Blank gifts
    small baby, wedding, anniversary, holiday gifts, etc. They weren't large or exspensive. They were things Jason could put in a common area and then the other soldiers were able to go pick something out to send back home to there loved one.

    Well those are some of my ideas. I know I have many many more, jsut have to keep racking the brain....

    Anyone else have ideas.

    Just make sure the packages are out in plenty of time so they get it for the holiday/occasion
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    I copied this from Troys Place that Athena sent from Iraq

    Crackers - Cheezits, 100 calorie packs etc (very popular when we have them)
    Cookies – Teddy Grahams, Oreos, Chips Ahoy, etc
    Candy – suckers, miniature candy bars, gummy bears/worms
    **Chocolate bars, Gum
    Raisins and other dried fruits - small boxes, not the big ones, or bags
    Applesauce/Fruit Cups
    Oatmeal (instant, in small packets)
    Chips – lunchbox size bags or Pringles of any type
    Beef Jerky/Slim Jims
    Granola Bars/Cereal Bars – all kinds of them
    Little Debbie type items
    Cup O Noodles or the Lipton Cup o Soup
    On the Go Drink Mixes
    Tuna kits, small microwavable items (spaghetti, chili)
    **Flavored Coffee Creamers
    Popcorn, microwave packs
    Pop tarts
    **Popsicles – the ones that come in a box, in plastic tubes, then you freeze them.
    Our hospital ministry hands the popsicles to our injured troops, and they love them.
    Basically, any small package items found at a Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s or wherever. Many of the cookies and crackers are in ‘lunch box’ aisles at stores.

    Hygiene Items:
    **Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash – for men & women
    **Body/Foot powder
    Tissues (pocket packs)
    Wipes – handy wipes, baby wipes, antibacterial, etc
    Razors – for men & women
    Shaving Cream
    **Eye Drops
    Toothpaste, Toothbrushes and Dental Floss
    Antibacterial hand sanitizer
    Batteries of all sizes
    Ziploc Bags, snack and sandwich

    Family Support:
    Phone/Calling Cards – International
    **Greeting cards, blank note cards, thank you cards.
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    Shawna...It maynot be 18 months as Obama wants us outta there in 16 months...I am keeping prayers ongoing to let our troops home early... Andrew has been there one month today...17 to go...
  7. Quote:I wish this was the case...But as Jason puts it...His orders are cut. And even if they were to pull out tomorrow he would still be there for 18 months. As with all the stuff that would have to be taken outta there it would litterally be bumper to bumper convoy of vehicles 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 9 months from Baghdad to Kuwaitt. And that just isn't do able as they would be sitting ducks. So yeah, even if they were to leave he knows he would still be deployed for that long. Wish I knew otherwise.

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    Jeesh, I was going to post a reply with ideas, but I see everybody before me did a fantastic job. We should keep all these things in mind when thinking of our troops.
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    Buff just pitch right in anytime you may think of something we dont...

    Shawna that is true it took Drew 3 months to get into Iraq it'll take that long to get out...but I can hope

  10. Quote:I know what you mean about hoping..I hope it's done and over with. But then I wake everyday knowing it's one day closer to Jason leaving. AARRGGHH!!! It's a little weird with him though. The first time he went over all kinds of feelings and emotions took over (from him). Now this time I really does WANT to go back. He keeps saying..."His job wasn't finished the first time". He said he's going back to finish his mission. I guess that can be thought of a few different ways.

    I forgot to mention in my list of things.....

    even if there are no females attached to the unit I still sent panty liners....Jason was upset about that at first...Until he realized why..This is no joke either...They put them inside there helmets to help absorb the sweat. When it's 147 degrees and you are wearing 100 pounds of gear, guns, bullets, along with a helmet you sweat alot. Well the guys would take the backing paper off and slap that inside the helmet right where there forehead would line up in the helmet. And wouldn't you know it...It helped out alot..Jokingly I sent Jason a little message to NOT stick it to his forehead, because they don't work that way. Another person was injured in his unit and all joking aside...They had to use a Tampon while out in the field to stop the field. There just happened to be a woman medic, she took the tampon and stuck it in the wound opening to stop the bleeding. It helped save this guys arm....

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