Ideas for the best use of 8'x10' or larger space for a coop.....


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The space could be be as large as 10'x12' if need be but I don't know if I want to make 2 seperate breeding pens and runs or if I want to make one large coop and run and the run space cannot be bigger than 10'x16' as per DH's request so that he can still drive around it and I guess it really wouldn't be completely indoor as the building is open on the front side, loafing shed style just bigger...the actual structure is 14'x30' but the other end is used for the goats and hay storage.

Any suggestions?
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Well, I think folks just need a little more information. Like how many birds, what your goal is (you mentioned breeding), etc. I'm not clear on your question. So maybe if you rephrase and give more info., we'll be able to help a bit.
Design and build so that it can be easily divided later if needed. I would not load up the run with too many chickens. I allowed 80 sq ft/chook. If you halved that to 40 sq ft/chook, you could keep 4 in there comfortably. The rule of thumb is 10 sq ft/chook outside space. I think that is too little space. Just my 2 cents worth. In my opinion, your coop will accommodate more chickens than your run. The more crowded the run, the more cleaning it requires.
Teach1rusl~ Thanks gotcha! I'll try to be a little clearer.

I mentioned breeding pens because I like to keep small breeding flocks in a couple of breeds like 6 hens and 1 roo, so I thought about using this space to make 2 seperate breeding pens for the 2 flocks that are the smallest or I can keep my current coops and pens the way they are and build a larger permanent coop space for the laying flock which is not really what I wanted to do but if I moved the laying flock of 25 birds down to the new space it would free up the current coop they are in which I could move one of my larger breeding flocks to.

Decisions decisions and no matter how long I stand there in this space and look, ideas for coop designs just don't jump out at me. It's just alot of empty unused space and some of the birds would love it.

I'll see if sweet talking the DH will help me gain some more space for the run. There is plenty of space for a big run as the structure is in a fenced 2.5 acre goat pasture but we have predators so free ranging them which I would love to do is out of the question.
With the run at 10'x16' and divided in half I could have 8 birds using each if I built 2 seperate pens in the structure and the pens in the structure would need to be how big then? Doing the math at 4 sq ft per bird seems like a pretty small coop space. Isn't coop space per bird calculated at 4 sq ft per bird?

Just wondering what everyone else would do with the space.
Just asked DH about negotiating more run space.....he said that we will go down there today and temporarily layout a proposed run to see if he can still drive around it.

While down at the goatie house I will take a few photos for you all so you can see what I am looking at and maybe with some brain storming we can all come up with something.

Thanks for all the info thus far! BYC'er's are awesome!
Decided to go with a 12'x16' coop and a 12'x25' run, we will be able to divide both later on if needed. Should house 30 birds comfortably right?

Thanks again, and I will be sure to post photos once it is done and I am sure that is a couple of months away.
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