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Mar 10, 2008
my husband and i are having issues on this i want a wooden coop and he wants a steel one that you can buy at home depot he''ll put vent in and all we live in ny and does get hot
in summer instead of the steel doors he'll put a screen door and winter replace screen with steel doors can the steel shed be used? i have 25 baby chicks and loving them i hate for them to go outside soon there too cute!!!!!!!
In my opinon I think you would be better off with wood,I would be afraid of the heat in the summer and the dampness in the winter.I tried starting some chicks in a metal shed once and it seemed like the pine shavings always stayed damp and that's not good,never used it again for that.If it's warmer inside and cold outside you might get a greenhouse affect and the roof might sweat when the sun comes out and heats the metal up. just my opinon though. will
HI, we live in Idaho and the weather ranges about 20 degrees in the winter to 100 in the summer. Our metal shed is in the shade, good for the summer, not so good in the winter. Dh put screens in the doors in the summer on the doors and in the winter have a heat light. With the deep litter method it insulates the floor really good. I only wish I had a window in it, it would make a world of difference. You can also put up insulation on the walls of the shed and then cover it with plywood or something to help insulate it.

Good luck with your babies whatever you decide.
Well, you can probalby get away with steel (esp. if you are extra attentive to ventilation, and in NY you will probably want to insulate the walls and then you'll have to cover at least the lower part of the insulation so the chickens can't peck at it).

However I think you will find that a wood coop works a LOT more smoothly for you, especially in preventing high humidity in the coop (which creates stink and health problems).

thank you for your input i rather have wood anyway i wouldn't want to jeopridze the chicks health with a steel shed i guess my husband loses this one better get the hammer out lol
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