Ideas on what type of chick my frizzle mix is???


7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
Fayetteville, NC
I'm not familiar with frizzles, but my son got one Easter weekend at a flock swap.
He's a super sweet little guy and loves people. He will follow you around the yard and whenever you are sitting down he runs over and hops up onto you.
He's black though some spots are almost light.
He doesn't have any type of frizzle on his head, it's still all baby chick down.
He has 4 toes, but feathered legs.
He is 3 weeks old.
I keep calling it he, but I'm really hoping it's a girl.
Ideas on what it could be???

The comb and lobes are a fleshy color, but that will change with age. The legs are all black.

How many toes? And what color skin? Feathered feet? I have a few sizzles and frizzled silkies, and one frizzled Cochin. Not a ton of experience tho. Hope someone else can offer more help!
Oh it could be anything!
He got it as a straight run out of a mystery box haha!
I don't have another chick the same age to compare it to, so I'm not sure if it's a bantam. It does look kinda small for 3 weeks? Maybe one parent is a bantam and one a standard?
I'm not familiar with sizzles?
This is our first chick not from a hatchery, and I have NO idea what it is!

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