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Oct 4, 2010
Ok So I went to pick up one of my favorite hens today and my hand was all bloody. When I pulled the feathers away I saw the picture that is posted. With assistance the spot was cleaned and neosporin was placed on it and it is wrapped now and will be cleaned twice a day until healed. My question is what the heck is it... where did it come from and how did I miss it... I hold her every day. When it was cleaned it oooozed and goooed and the feeling of it is very hard but it is all in the tissue nothing muscular. I think that is all the info I got but I need to know your thoughts. Plus I need to know is there anything I can give her beside medicated feed... we dont used medicated feed because of our ducks and I hate to have to buy a 50 pound bag for only one hen for a couple of weeks. Any suggestions. Thanks so much and any other rules of thumbs and wisdom is always welcomed. thanks for your time.


She probably caught it on something...edge of nest box? Ingrown feather? I don't think med. feed would do any good, that's mostly for poop related issues. I would squeeze it out (if she lets you) and keep up on the neosporin.
Medicated feed for wounds? The medication in medicated feed is amprolium and has nothing to do with infections, only with building immunity to coccidiosis.

Chickens usually heal quite well from wounds like that.

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