Identified 4 of 6 assorted bantams... Need help with last two!


7 Years
Oct 12, 2012
Raleigh/Garner, NC
Today I had to work in a different location... And the place I had to go to was right next to TSC.

You know what happened.

Here's my six assorted bantams. From left to right, at the top, I have: silver sebright, silkie, MISTERY#1 silver sebright #2. On the bottom, we have MISTERY#2

Here's mistery #1: smaller than the rest of the chicks, feathered legs (only a few feathers, as you can see), 3 days old

And this is MISTERY#2: deep gold/orange color, very fuzzy feet, slightly larger than most of the chicks, except for the silkie.

I'm sure you guys will know what they are!! Thanks in advance :) :) :)
Reddish chick is probably a Red Cochin, though it might be a dark Buff Cochin instead. I'm not sure about the white, sparsely leg feathered chick.

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