identify guinea many so alike!

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  1. okay dont have pic yet, will try and nab a decent one in a bit...

    Anyway heres a good description :

    Off white- beige color little to no pearling at all. Male and female almost exactly the same shade. Color is pretty uniform, no white patches or darker patches no splotchiness to the color. I didn't see them as hatchlings I got them for the neighbor when they were 6 months old, so no clue how they looked as keets.

    any ideas?

    some pics that I've seen that they look like :
    buff dundette (kinda dark though for these guys but some pics that are called these are really light and look like the ones in question)
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  3. more than likely the buffs. they are pretty common, have 4 myself. The females gest to be a much darker color while the males stay a uniform light brown with very few pokadots.

    They are nice birds and at a distance hard to tell from a dirty white just out of a dust bath.

    You can go to: and view all the colors of the kieets and the adults.

    hope this helps.

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  4. Thank you guys for the responses! I appreciate it.

    Both of these are now about 10 months old, and they are DEFINATELY male and female - the noises and the eggs the hen is sitting on. [​IMG]

    They are BOTH very very pale - they are off white - not at all tan like the buffs actually by the pictures you both provided or blondes(way too dark). They look like a porcelian the more pictures i'm looking at. Even though I'd call them a beige-ish color they do have a silvery kinda look to them. *shrugs*the guy I got them from said he had a bunch of older guineas he didn't know what colors but he paid an arm and leg for the bunch of mixed colored keets and he was just looking for the last pair of last year's keets a good home and I bought them for 20$ for the pair. So i have no clue again what color they are, I just wanted some guineas for my neighbor who wanted some more. [​IMG]
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    Guinea fowl international has a more condensed color chart that is also seperated by amount of pearling. If they have no visible pearling then pastel or ivory would be the 2 lightest shades that aren't blue or gray. Unfortunately it's hard to find a pic of either. If they have spots then maybe they are just lighter than average buffs.
  6. I dont remember seeing any pearling on them when I got them, I think they were solid colored, possibly the male had a tad of pearling on his wings but now I cant get that close to see if they have white pearling on their off white bodies XD I can get maybe a foot from them at treat time and I cant see anything.
  7. You may have the "dirty whites". These do exist, no pokadots, yellow legs or at least a light color. They tend to be a little more fragile than the rest of the Guinea colors.

    I have written about the "dirty whites" before. They are simply a non pure white Guinea from a moma with that paritcular recessive gene.

    Hope this helps.
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