Identify this sweetie


Aug 11, 2021

We are new chicken owners and have a happy healthy flock of 6mo layers. But we are just beginners.

We just agreed to foster this little sweetie, who was found wandering. It's about the size of a pigeon, wings have been lightly clipped, no band, skittish but not wild.

We assume it's a chicken, but is it? It's just very different looking, no tail, pointier beak, oval body. Long wings for the size and good flyer. It's got chicken feet and our local farm store thought from a photo that it was a weird cross. But what say you? What kind of bird puff ball is this?

It's being quarantined in a tub in the garage and I have a call out to a local avian vet. We just want to make sure we're caring for it correctly.

The finder is hunting for the owner. But we'd either keep or rehome if they're not found.

Thanks for any help,

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