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10 Years
Jun 23, 2009
Thorn Hill, TN
My first ever goslings arrived today. I ordered Hatchery Choice from Ideal. Now I am attempting to make guesses as to what I have. Do any breeds have identifing characteristics as goslings that I can use to identify or rule out what these may be? At the moment I know:

I have 5 yellow and 2 with brown on them.

Ideal has American Buff, Brown African, Brown Chinese, Embden, Gray Saddleback Pomeranians, Pilgrims, Toulouse, Tufted Roman and White Chinese.

At the time I ordered mine, Ideal also had a special on Brown Africans and both varieties of Chinese. I suspect that those are the most likely suspects.

So, is there anything in particular I can look for?
This is the best I have at the moment of one of the brown ones. I will attempt a photo session this evening.

Look at the bill and feet they usually change the least and the bill on China/african are a bit different than other geese. I would guess brown African for the one in the picture because he looks short necked and big headded to be a china. But thats all it is, a guess.
The goslings are 10 days old now. One of the brown ones is now roughly twice the size of the other leading me to believe that we have a brown african and a brown chinese.

Two of the white ones appear slightly different than the other three. In the pic below, note the difference in the forehead shape of the gosling on the right front and the one standing in the back. Two have the more vertical forehead like the one in the back and three have the more sloping forehead like the one in the front.

I'm no expert, but I would think the goslings (yellow) with the rounded heads are embdens. And I would also agree that you have 2 different types of 'brown' goslings. From the latest picture, they seem to have different shaped bills as well? Or is it just the angle of the picture?
I had been concentrating on the size difference between the two and hadn't noticed the difference in the bill shape. The smaller seems to have the sloping forehead of the three yellows. I'm guessing that they are white chinese and the brown one is brown chinese.

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