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    OK it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out the breed of my chicks so here goes. I have a mix of 15 brown egg layers, 4 RR females, 2 Ancona females, 2 Araucana (EE) females, 2 RR roosters, 1 Araucana Rooster and a mystery chick. These pictures should help.
    JimTom my Naked Neck Turkens, I have two of these.

    The one perched on the middle left I think is a Barred Rock, I have two like that. The lighter ones maybe White Rocks or Buff Orpingtons?

    I do know the top right two are Ancona females.

    Not sure what this on is, maybe a Leghorn or Dark Cornish?

    Is this a Araucana (EE)? I know I have two that are silvery with white wings. I can't figure out the EE male yet.

    I believe this one is my mystery chick. I think it is a buttercup or golden penciled hamburg. What do you think?

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    Aww! I can't wait to play who's who! 6 more days!

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