IDIOT SALE!!! NIB-Wii sport resort with 2 motion plus sensors-unopened

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    GOOD GRIEF!!!!!

    I am a ding bat--- I bought, the list of items Im offering for sale, for my children last year for xmas. I had them in a box to wrap and realized that their relatives had bought almost everything I did-I left mine in a box to return after the holidays-after packing up everything Xmas last year-it never dawned on me until last night that I never returned them because Dh packed them up and put in back room Until I discovered them last night!!!!

    SOOOO.. this is a brand new in box and is still sealed-never touched-absolutely no chance of outside elements ruining these Items. I checked amazon for pricing and they are going for 50$ which I believe I paid more than that last year for it.

    this auction comes with the WII sports game -Bonus Wii motion plus unit inside box AND another Wii motion plus I bought to go with it for two people to play at once--I know I paid about 75$ for both last year-

    I will ship tomorrow if the BIN price is paid for by tomorrow at noon-paypal addy is [email protected]

    I am also listing:

    468 wiki stix-again brand new still in unopened plastic wrapped box-was 28$ will let it go for 15$ plus shipping

    Land of the lost DVD with Will Ferrel again NIB-was 19.99 will let it go for 10$ plus shipping

    Breaking Dawn book by Stephenie Meyer new-paid 14-15$ new will let it go for 7$

    let me know and I will ship all these out tomorrow:)

    thank you
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