If anyone is feeding this rabbit feed get them off of it

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    Aug 24, 2009
    saw this on meatrabbits yahoo group, and passing it on. I have never heard about this feed, and don't know much about it. not sure what they found in it. I did suggest to the op to get them to test it for black corn mold. There is something in this brand that seems to be killing a lot of rabbits.

    > We there is so many dead rabbits accross Idaho can not hardly believe
    > the numbers we are in the thousands. Due to feeding Cache Commodity
    > Rabbit Feed. What a shame, and people are still coming forward with
    > their numbers and their proff that they bought this feed. Wow. Mary

    And her other message in response to someone else.

    The feed is very low in fiber and high in calium and low in phosphrus and lots of sawtoothed grain bettlles alive. 3 voilations the state tested another load coming in to Idaho and it was worse..Stop sale was ordered and and fines issued , feed test had to be paid to the state damages paid for lost stock and has been totally ignored by /cache commodity feed company. So Lawyer is now involved looking for more losses for other people and there is lots of people that has been damaged.. still coming in so if you know any one feeding this feed have them get ahold of me they can go under me, as I have all testing done everything needed. But they do need to hurry, as lawyer is awaiting claims. . [email protected] hotmail.com Mary .

    edit: feed brand in question is Cache Commodity Rabbit called commercial rabbit. This stuff has killed a lot of meat and show rabbits in that area. She says the fiber is supposed to be at 17-18%. The state tested it, and its only 14%. plus some high calcium, and other things going on. No corn mold. The rabbits deyhrated form the inside out. There will be a lawsuit going on this one.
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    WOW! must be a brand specific to that area , I have never heard of this brand before, but there are a lot of new feeds coming up on the market.
    some scary stuff for sure.
    14 % fiber good grief!
  3. chinbunny

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    Aug 24, 2009
    Quote:No kidding. The poor rabbits. Makes you wonder what they were doing to the other livestock feeds they were making. Not only do we have to worry about black corn, but now we have to worry about them skimping on the ingrediants! Ugh.
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    Ok, I will apologise now for hijaking this thread, but I just recently rescued two rabbits. I am feeding them Purina. I feed Purina to everyone else with no problems. Is this ok for them? They get hay also, and the occassional green beans and garden greens. I can't feed those to the birds right in front of them and ignore them. They beg for them. (They've got me trained already.) *sigh*
    Thank you for allowing me to hijack this thread.

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