If hatchlings in bator with unhatched eggs: What 2 do?


12 Years
Jul 22, 2008
South Central MA

I have only two eggs in the bator.

Each mother of each egg was killed by the USPS, so these sole survivors are precious.

If one hatches and the other is not yet hatched, should I increase the ventilation in the bator so that baby can dry?

But if I do that, am I not compromising the other eggs chance, since by increasing ventilation I am thereby decreasing that much-needed super high humidity which that OTHER egg still needs in order to hatch.

So what do I do?

Let the hatchling wait longer to dry by NOT increasing ventilation;

OR sacrifice the other egg (which I intensely do NOT want to do) so that the hatched baby can dry off.

MAYBE DO NOTHING???????????????
I recently hatched ducklings, and allowed #1 and #2 to slow dry while they awaited #3 to hatch. It took nearly 20 hours, but I believe they helped #3 hatch because they peeped and called to him, encouraging him to hatch. My humidity was around 65% through the hatch.
The first baby will be fine. They are born with enough food in them to last 48 hrs. The conditions in the incubator will not hurt the chick. If you like you can take the chick out and just spray the other egg with warm water and it won't hurt a thing.

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