If I don't get an egg soon!!!! *small, good-natured vent*

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8 Years
Feb 2, 2011
Middle GA
Ima cook me up some chicken and dumplings!!!!! LOL!

They are only 4-5 months old and I'm being impatient. But some of the older girlies (and a couple of the younger ones!) are getting pretty red! Am worried about them laying in the leaves that they pile up under the coop and not being able to find the eggs until I can small them. GAK! Golf balls in the nesting boxes this weekend!

I want EGGIES!!!!!!

That is all, carry on! :D
It's a long wait for the first egg.
Patience is a virtue - and I want it now!!!
They're still a little young, reddening wattles and combs is a good sign. 20-24 weeks is average, earlier at this time of year.
LOL! I'm all about instant gratification! ;) No wonder no one wants to part with laying hens......it seems to take FOREVER for them to reach this stage! After all the work building a coop/pen, all the $$ in feed, and all the LOVE for watching them come up.....who would want to part with them? <3

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