If I get an incubator without a humidity sensor...


11 Years
Feb 10, 2008
Western Oregon
I am on the verge of ordering an incubator (thanks, all you BYC enablers
), and it does not have a built-in humidity sensor/display.

Can I buy one somewhere to put in?
Which one works the best?
I want to hatch duck eggs.
If you are getting a table top incubator like a Hova or LG, they do not come with a humidity gauge you have to get one of those separate. Most do not come with a Thermometer. Like a Temp/hygrometer. Springfields, Accurite, Bemis to name acouple.
I'm thinking of ordering the Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco. It comes with a glass thermometer, but no humidity info. How does this figure in the the "wet bulb" and "dry bulb" stuff I am reading about?

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