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Aug 6, 2018
Pilesgrove, New Jersey
Name- Thrushkit
Age- 5 moons
Status: kit
Clan- StarClan
Strengths- excellent hunter
Weaknesses- can come off as rude or harsh, likes being alone
Personality- wise, caring, independent, outspoken
Powers (if any, also you need to pm for permission)- she's a starclan cat so she can be in dreams (?)
like this ;)

Dead?- yee
Mate/Crush- n/a
Mentor/ Apprentice- n/a
Reason this cat should be here (if any)- she is sister to Sparrowkit but died a few moons after her from illness. She wishes her sister was good.

Name: Fountainlight
Age(in moons): 13
Status: New Warrior
Clan: Thunder
Strengths: intelligent, clever, and an excellent hunter
Weaknesses: has a tendency to be quiet when words should be spoken
Personality: a brave, smart young she-cat who is extremely shy around other cats, but may yet find her voice
Powers: Do you give me permission to give her any? If she's right for what you have in mind if there's going to be a prophecy. I'm not sure what they would be.
Appearance: Soft furred pretty she-cat with light grey and golden cream fur, complete with big, pale sky/green eyes
Mate/Crush: none yet
Mentor/Apprentice: none yet

Name: Falconleap
Age(in moons): 14
Status: Warrior
Clan: Thunder
Strengths: strong, courageous, skilled fighter
Weaknesses: can be a bit of an idiot; like a typical teenage boy
Personality: a joker and sometimes a complete mouse brain, but when he's not messing around and showing off, he's a clever, brave fighter
Powers: undecided whether or not he'll have powers
Appearance: large tom with solid, blue grey slate pelt with faint rings at the tail tip, a handsome face and bright green eyes
Mate/Crush: none that are actually serious
Mentor/Apprentice: none yet

Name: Peacecry
Age(in moons): 16
Gender: Female
Status: Medicine cat
Clan: Thunder
Strengths: has a natural gift to heal
Weaknesses: she tends to follow her heart which medicine cats are forbidden to do
Personality: never backs down, independent, listens to her own instincts, yet is a caring, natural born healer
Powers: if you think she’s right for the prophecy
Appearance: brown she-cat with darker areas around her face, ears, paws, and tail, finished with stunning ocean blue eyes. And a white patch under her chin and chest.

Mate/Crush: none
Mentor/Apprentice: none yet]

Name: Sapphirepaw
Age(in moons): 6
Gender: Female
Status: New Apprentice
Clan: Thunder
Strengths: extremely quick thinker, and already excelling more than average at battle training
Weaknesses: is prone to getting into arguments
Personality: secretive, but very loyal, and typically easy going and laid back, funny
Powers: if you think she's for something
Appearance: Long, thick silky, jet black pelt, and piercing sapphire blue eyes.

Mate/Crush: open
Mentor: open for mentor

Name: Riverblaze
Age(in moons): 18
Gender: Male
Status: Warrior
Clan: Wind
Strengths: strong and a formidable warrior
Weaknesses: He's very skilled on the battlefield, but is kind of a big clumsy ox at everything else :rolleyes:
Personality: Kind, big brave-hearted tom with a gentle disposition(basically a sweet, gentle giant)
Powers: (He's not in the right clan)
Appearance: Massive Maine Coon gray and white tuxedo tom, finished with deep blue eyes with gold around the center.
Mate/Crush: none(in his clan)
Mentor/Apprentice: Open for apprentice

Name: Glacierwing
Age(in moons): 17
Gender: Female
Status: Warrior
Clan: Thunder
Strengths: great at climbing trees and organizing air attacks
Weaknesses: she can be a little too bold in speaking her opinions
Personality: bold, sometimes a bit bossy, however, she is truly an courageous, excellent fighter and a very generous, gentle cat
Powers: If you think she's right for the prophecy, then I'll take the time to come up with them, lol. ;)
Appearance: Stunning solid white she cat with long fur and diamond blue eyes.
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Mate/Crush: open
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Aug 6, 2018
Pilesgrove, New Jersey
Name- Lilacstar
Age-43 moons (3 lives left)
Status:Leader (duh)
Strengths- powerful warrior, good battle tactics, good mentor
Weaknesses- tends to side with cats that make more sense to her and never listens to her deputy very well
Personality- Strong willed, quick thinker, always ready to fight, searches for non violent answers, stubborn, set in her ways, fast to her paws, snappish, kind only when she wants to be, fair
Powers (if any, also you need to pm for permission)-Nope
Appearance- pretty she cat with light blue grey fur that's almost light purple and dark dusk blue eyes
Mentor/ Apprentice-None
Reason this cat should be here (if any)-my cat and leader

Age-3 moons
Clan-Dark Forest
Strengths-Good at manipulating and killing
Weaknesses- small and weaker than other cats
Personality- evil, the rest is to be played
Powers (if any, also you need to pm for permission)- No
Appearance- brown tabby with choclate eyes and a scar along her necks
Mentor/ Apprentice- Dark Forest cats, mainly Eaglestrike
Reason this cat should be here (if any)- Main Charrie

Age-21 moons
Strengths- good fighter, silent
Weaknesses-soft spoken, often ignored, hates some cats
Personality- Kind hearted, evil (in the same cat), wants vengaence for literally nothing, depressed, has Bi Polar
Powers (if any, also you need to pm for permission)-Nope
Appearance-light gray tom with dark gray patches and sky blue eyes
Mentor/ Apprentice-none
Reason this cat should be here (if any)- Sparrowkit's protege

Age-6 moons (Sapphirepaw's litter mate if that's okay)
Strengths- Strong, excels at hunting, smart
Weaknesses-Stubborn, bit hard headed
Personality- Stubborn kind hearted, empathetic, sweet, loving young cat
Powers (if any, also you need to pm for permission)-No
Appearance- light red pinkish tinged fur with dark amber eyes
Mentor/ Apprentice-In need of one
Reason this cat should be here (if any)- N/A

Name- Eaglestrike
Age- 20 moons
Status: Young warrior
Clan- Darkforest
Strengths- Really good in battle
Weaknesses- Gets really angry easy
Personality- Rough, evil, wants to take revenge on the warrior that poisoned him with deathberries (can someone make the warrior that killed him?? He is not evil. He is a good boy.:lol:)
Powers (if any, also you need to pm for permission)- nope! just a really good fighter.
Appearance- A calico tom with piercing blue eyes. Has a scar across his face.
Dead?- yes! Super dead!
Mate/Crush- nope.
Mentor/ Apprentice- Mabey gets to train @NoFlyBackFarm's kit who this is based around. I dunno.
The reason this cat should be here (if any: I think he will be a good addition to the Darkforest!

Name- Apricotpaw
Age- 7 moons
Rank- Apprentice
Clan- Thunderclan
Strengths- Good hunter, good hearing
Weaknesses- Gets distracted by noises easily
Personality- loves to play, eats lots, plays with vines, sassy, sweet, curious, playful
Powers (if any, also you need to pm for permission)- Can she understand dogs, twolegs, and other wild animals (not prey)?
Appearance- Maine Coon Mix, Average size kitty, Apricot, Golden eyes, M mark on her forehead, classic pattern.
Dead?- Nah
Mate/Crush- Open
Mentor/ Apprentice- Can the leader be her mentor?
Reason this cat should be here (if any)- none
History- Captured as a kit, spayed, and released.

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