If its not Mareks, what could it be?


In the Brooder
Jan 22, 2021
After my first 2 deaths this spring, I've had necropsy's done. Each came back with tumor growths and 'most possibly Mareks'. I had PCR tests done for Mareks & ALV. Both came back negative. I know I've had coccidiosis several times this year, I can't seem to shake it. But I've lost as many young <20 week old birds, as I have lost +2 year old birds. What causes the exact same symptoms as Mareks (lameness, loss of balance/function to walk, wasting away of the muscles), but isn't?

Side note: I had a Mille pullet have 2 tumors on her skin (chest, crop area & back of wing at elbow joint) that broke open. As a last ditch effort, I injected her with LA 200. The sores healed up completely with 1 week. This was my first sign that maybe I'm dealing with Mareks. I'm very thankful for the negative PCR, but I'm clueless as to what I am dealing with.

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