1. S

    Alright, so is this bumblefoot? no open wound.

    one of my quail seems to have like a cyst or something on his foot pad, without a noticeable open wound, just a teeny bit of inflammation. It's a soft lump, so it probably isn't cancer, and antibiotics(neosporin) were adminishered topically. What should i do, i don't want to pop it because then...
  2. wildlifezone

    Abdominal tumor or ? what to do?

    My poor Rhode Island has been eating and pooping like a healthy hen, but when I noticed her waddling I picked her up (she is very people shy, so I don't usually handle her) and her entire abdomen from below her wishbone to her legs to her cloaca is like a huge taught balloon. I gave her a warm...
  3. J

    Tumors, dead chicken.

    Our 5 month blrw died today. After looking her over I found a tumor under her wing as well as another one on her back of similar size. I sliced it open to make sure that it wasn't an abscess. We've had issues with a few of the flock mates involving their crops since they all experienced a...
  4. K

    Nutrition and Maintenance Care for Sick Chickens.

    Yesterday after 3 hours at the Vet office deliberating between euthanasia and treatment- I chose treatment option with a re-evaluation at the Vet's office in 14 days. Abigail- my 14 month old Australorpe has a distended abdomen and secondary respiratory infection. The x-ray showed masses in...
  5. P

    Doesn't look good.... HELP please.

    I just cannot believe this: Saturday evening I found my favorite Silkie, of course, sitting by the coop and there was a large amount of congealed blood on lower back and top of tale area. She did not appear in any pain. Brought her and washed her off and the bleeding seemed to stop. I...
  6. D

    I dug at this growth... what is this, what should I do?!

    (1.5 weeks ago) I found this "something" on my 2.5 year old chicken's tail next to the oil gland and at first thought it was a tick but it's under the skin and slightly exposed. It's very hard and you can tell it's larger under the skin (like a small iceberg). Any thoughts on what the heck it is...
  7. PrincessLay-a

    Hen With Foot Growth (not bumble foot)

    Hey, I wanted to hop on here and see if anyone could help me figure out what is going on with my hen. She is maybe 2 years old short and stout. We recently built a new coop for our hens but they haven't been using it as they have gotten in the habit of sleeping outside. It's just gotten cold...
  8. B

    A Tumor or Lump Has Just Appeared on My Pullet's Beak

    My new leghorn pullet just had something that looks like a freaking tumor appear on the side of her beak over (I think) the past couple of days. I've included a close up photo. Very worried. Does anybody have any experience with something like this?
  9. MichelleKing

    Bird tumors

    **this is a coincidence by the way. My deathlayer appears to have wounds not tumors** Hi, I need an expert here. Is it common for birds to be getting tumors? I had a quail with a giant wing tumor two weeks ago, inside in one habitat. Now my Totleger (Deathlayer) is showing signs of head...
  10. MichelleKing

    DeathLayer head tumor?

    **UPDATE*** You all gave me a LOT to think about. I went out there and crouched and quietly observed my flock of 5. She did NOT go into the coop with the rest at dusk. She stayed in between my legs until the dominant left, then she pecked at food lightly. I think yall are right on two...
  11. nsteinpfad

    Black Australorp with Bubble/Tumor Near Eye

    I have a 4 year old black Australorp hen with a tumor or a large bubble near her left eye. It started out small a few years ago, then grew and hasn't seemed to be a problem for her, but it is warm to the touch. I'm just wondering if it's something anyone else has encountered and what their...
  12. Sbritten

    Chicken Tumor on my Mille Fleur, HELP!

    Good morning chicken lovers! My baby blonde has a TUMOR! We thought it was an abscess but my friend that's a vet tech poked around and says it's not. Anyone have success removing said tumors? Have you used a vet for this or ???? I would spend $200 if it would save her. She is currently...
  13. M

    Tumor on Beak

    Our sweet Skippy has a slow growing bump near her beak. I hoped it was just abscessed. We lanced it, and only blood came out. No pus. This leads me to believe it's a tumor. How do I remove the Tumor? Do I just cut the whole thing off and put Neosporin on the open wound?
  14. BlueLineClucker

    Rooster Help

    This is our sweet boy, Jack. Jack came to us with only 1 eye. Now, as you can see, his other eye is completely swollen. Jack eats, drinks, crows and knows his way around the coop. We have tried lancing the bump, but only blood came out. We have tried penicillin, and Tylan to no avail...
  15. Jeff_Mamet

    Sea Gull Has Growth Above Bill

    A sea gull showed up in Culver City, CA, three days ago with a large growth above its bill (in front of its right eye). It is near the bike path along La Ballona Creek (just west of Sepulveda Blvd and south of Lucerne Ave.). Does it need to be treated?
  16. Incukahlan

    Rooster Has a solid ball shaped mass in neck, can't hold head up anymore.

    I am looking for someone who can help me identify what is going on with my roo, and what we can do to help him here at home. I have an Australorp/RIR roo that I hatched out last year, and he is now fully mature. We noticed a few days ago that he could not lift his head and I immediately brought...
  17. SheenaBee

    Hard Bony Mass on Silkie Rooster

    Good Morning Everyone, This is my first post here, but I'm hoping that someone may be able to point me in the right direction or give me some insight... I have a Silkie bantam Rooster (the most cuddly, loving little guy) that is about 7 months old. In the last month, he's had a hard bony feeling...
  18. thefluffbutts

    Mass in Hens Eye. HELP!

    So I am back again asking a question about my poor chookie, Squeak. Here's some back story on her recent health. About a month ago she had a stool sample that came back positive for coccidiosis. She was treated with coccivet. I've also been giving her oregano oil in water once daily as a natural...
  19. 1 Farm Girl

    Chicken pooped out Something strange looking

    Does anyone know what my chicken pooped out? She has been sick not eating, laying, tail down for about 5 days, off to her own corner. also had a small cyst above the eye for more than a year. Thinking she may have been impacted but not sure. Her belly was not really large. I cut it in half so...
  20. MamaHen11

    Wart? Tumor? Help!

    Hello wonderful backyard chicken community. I've been lurking for a while now, but now that I have chicks I have all kinds of questions. Can you take a look at this and tell me what you think it is and what I should do? It is on a three week old gold laced wyandotte.
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