If more people go to my FB page, does that boost..


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If more people go to my FB page, does that boost it on Google search?

I am Finally going to be selling my Soaps later this year. I had a hard time figuring out a name as the one I had eons ago someone is now using.

So since I will be buying a Farm I thought Rustic Life Farm was good. Searched for the name to see if anyone else had it and I can't find any. Looked up LLC and Corp names, nothing so I think I am good.
So I wanted to save the name and that way if someone searched Google it would pop up and maybe they won't take it. So I made a FB page.

If a bunch of you people go to it (you can like it, friend it or follow if you want) will that boost the google search ?
Right now it doesn't come up at all :(

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Nope, I don't. I do know that it seems like every cotton-pickin' time I Google something, links to something on Pinterest show up. I don't even like Pinterest - don't even know how to use it! Something to think about for you, though?
I HATE Pinterest more the FB hahah :gig

Someone sent me this and I wanted to post it in case anyone else wanted to know
"Facebooks views will NOT help your google ranking.. What helps your SEO(search engine optimization, aka google searches) is having backlinks on other pages. Backlinks are when someone links to your page which makes it more trustworthy in google's eyes.

Things you should do:
-Encourage people to leave reviews
-Work with writers to have your product featured on their site
-Work with other soapmakers in a collaboration effort
-Have a soaping blog! Every blog post helps you look more and more reputable.. If you mention something in today's blog that you wrote about in yesterday's blog you should also provide a link to that!

I know plenty about SEO but I don't claim to be an expert.. Based off what I've heard it can take 6-8 weeks of putting out quality content before you start to see top search engine rankings.

Things you shouldn't do:

Buy backlinks from a site like fiverr. Buying links will never be quality and will hurt your google search ranking.."

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