If my roo gets butchered..


Mar 4, 2018
Mansfield, TX
He was eight months old.
Lol. Oh man, I know. He is going to be my first chicken that I eat from the back yard!
I took him and to get processed and that first one I saw the blood coming out I felt pretty bad but then the whole process after that was pretty cool.
My 6 year old liked the experience, and was happy to know that the rooster wouldn't be in the backyard anymore since he was prone to pecking at any time


6 Years
May 7, 2014
Western Washington
I just did my first butchering here on the farm Saturday. I processed 1 gander, 2 ducks, and 2 roosters. I will be eating rooster tomorrow for dinner. This will be my first meat from yard to table. The process was not as difficult as l had expected it to be except for plucking the gander and the ducks. I will be using duck wax next time. l am hoping that the roo is tasty. It ate well for a 8 months.

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