If nobody answers your question, it might be because...


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Apr 28, 2008
SW of Greenwood, INDIANA
If you ask a question, and get few, if any, answers, it's probable because there are too many variables that depend on where we are all located.
Nobody can help you much if you haven't listed your CITY/TOWN, STATE under your NAME yet.
All you need do is go to (click) Profile (on the dark-blue line above) and then to the list on the left hand side titled Profile Menu. Going there and choosing the second item on the list, PERSONAL, you can type in the name of the city or town and state where you live.
Three P's
Type in information
Its also very likely that the very same questions has been asked before and answered, so a good search and taking some time to read first might very well get you the answers you need.
Sometimes folks ask too many questions in one post, like: what breed is this, and how many square feet do I need, and I'm getting six more chicks on Sat. and how should I change my pen to prepare for them, etc. I get overwhelmed and just go on to another.
Yes it helps to have info on your area and do not overload one post with to many questions. Some times I don't answer posts because I don't know the answer!!

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