IF we were to get a rooster....

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    IF we were to get a rooster, and that is a big if... what kind would be best for these conditions: A Coop close to neighbours, so crowing would be an issue, cold hardiness (can get to -20F, seen it as cold as -26!), and one that will not be aggressive to the hens or humans.. I know each roo is different in that regard! (I still have flashbacks about being a kid at my Gramps'& being chased around and terrorized by a little Bantam Red!) Any ideas? I'd love to see some of our own chicks around here! Will having 'mutt' chicks be a bad thing? -Tom
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    There's absolutely nothing wrong with mutt chicks if that's what you want. The biggest reasons people breed purebred chicks is to keep the breed pure (duh, [​IMG]), and to be able to sell their purebred fertile eggs or their chicks as purebreeds. If you don't ever intend to sell eggs or chicks then mutts are just fine.

    There is no way to know if a rooster will grow up to be nice or naughty. Every breed can have a wonderful, people friendly rooster or an aggressive attack everyone boy.

    Some of the breeds that usually (I took a poll on here last year) seem to be nicer are Orpingtons, Brahmas and Wyandottes. Still - no guarantees. RIR's and Australorps got the lowest marks for friendly roos but there are people who had great ones in those breeds too.

    I'm guessing all roos are going to crow. Some certainly seem to crow lots and lots more than others. Again, I think it's a personality thing.. not breed related.

    I had two silkie roos. One never seemed to stop crowing (all day) and the other rarely crows. I may hear him a handfull of times through the day.
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    This is hilarious... ya wanna rooster... this is your man...someone else posted this recently. I book marked it and play it when I need a laugh.

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