If you are looking for a great rooster


8 Years
Jun 7, 2011
Hillman Michigan
We have had 3 roosters so far. Our EEer was a total punk- bit my daughters lip wide open. Our SLW was semi ok- but our girls got really beat up from him and then he started sparing me and my daughter and chasing our dog- so he went from ok, to bad. Off he went to the butcher.

That left our last rooster as head rooster- and he is FANTASTIC! The hens are SO much more happy and all their feathers are growing back (the SLW was mean) and the hens are much more willing to mate (they will lay down 35 yards away and wait for this rooster to run to them).

Our yard is happy and he keeps a good eye on them and is much more social. And nice to my kids!

He is a PARTRIDGE ROCK! He is not only fantastic, but BEAUTIFUL!!!! Get one! We got him from Meyers Hatchery- he was an opps, as he was supposed to be a pullet! But I could not be more happy with him!

Here he is, Protector. A Partridge Rock :)


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