If you could....the name game!

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    If you could change your name, or your child's name or your dog's name-whatever, to anything you wanted, what would you choose? Why?
    You don't have to include your real name, only if you want.
    I wouldn't change my name, I would go by my middle name. My first name has been THE most popular girl's name since 1996, so there are a lot of people with my name. I have also never found a meaning for it! It is meaningless, and not very pretty in my opinion. A tad young.
    My middle name is Rose. Obviously, it means a flower, but it also has roots in the German hroz (something like that) meaning horse. It is a sweet, old-fashioned, simple name, and I really like it. Though, I do like longer names, like Chrysanthe,or Nereida. Plus, it's really pretty in calligraphy.
    P.S. Chrysanthe is modified Greek for golden flower, and Nereida (nay-RAY-da)is Spanish, for sea sprite, or nymph.

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