If you cross a normal breed with a EE...

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    Do you get an EE?

    I Hatched alot of mut eggs over the weekend and alot look like baby EE's. But I know for sure none are pure EE, will the offspring stilll lay green eggs?

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    [​IMG] only the girls.....
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    Quote:sorry I can't stop laughing here

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    My understanding on EE's are none are pure. EE is a result of a mixed breed chicken either mixed with ameraucana or araucana and something else. I had 2 ameraucana hens and bred them, one i bred to a white cochin bantam and the other i bred to a golden laced wyandotte. Both turned out to be roos and gorgeous, the cochin mix had feathered feet and the golden laced mix came out looking just like his daddy only with the ameraucana beard.
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    Seriously now, I believe the dominant gene will carry on with the colored eggs. That has been my experience.
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    I've had two of that cross, EE sire and Barred Rock mother. One lays pinky beige eggs with lavender speckles and her sister lays yellowy-beige. I'd still call those Easter Eggers, I suppose, though they didn't get muffs and beards, except one has a tiny bit of a beard, not noticable. Even Easter Eggers can lay brown eggs since they are a mixed breed anyway.

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