I'll be selling eggs for the Easter Hatch along. A list with prices is in the BIN

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    I have BIN eggs up for sale for the Easter Hatch along..My list and prices are below along with the shipping dates that they will go out. I"m taking a list of names and will post them here. If by any chance somebody stops laying I will notify the people at the end of the list if I can't fill their order. If they pick up laying I will take more names. The number I estimate that are available now will also be posted. These prices are only good for up to the ship date of the hatch along. After that most of them will go up. I will fill orders starting now up till the time of collection for the hatch along so if your not participating in the Easter Hatch along. It's a good time to take advantage of the lower prices.

    Shipping. The shipping cost will be exact and I can provide a heat pack for an additional $2.20 which is my cost. No profit from them at all. I bubble wrap each egg and place them air cell up in an egg flat cut to fit the amount of eggs being shipped. I place another flat on top and tape together. This is to avoid the eggs getting moved around in the box and to avoid them bumping into each other and getting broken and cracked. I make a nest of shredded paper and set the bundle in it then pack shredded paper around and on top of the bundle so it sits snuggly in the middle of the box. The weights of the boxes is also along with the price and ship dates so you can go to the USPS site and find your shipping price. My zip code is 38232, Hornbeak, TN. (the goose eggs will not go in a flat. They will be packed air cell up in a 7x7x6 priority box and shredded paper will be packed around and on top of them. I will also wrap an extra strip of bubble wrap around the middle for extra protection from breakage and cracks.

    Please don't pay till I notify you that your eggs are ready to be shipped. Please pay with in 24 hours. Non payment will result in somebody else getting your eggs.

    Geese - Gander is a splash seebie and female is a pilgrim. I was told that providing these eggs are stored properly they are good for hatching for 2 weeks. I will date the eggs when I start collecting for the hatch along.
    Price - 4 eggs for $20 weight 4 lbs ship dates 3/14 and 3/15 Should have 8 eggs available.

    6 sizzle and/or silkie eggs $10 weight 2 lbs ship dates 3/24 and 3/25
    12 sizzle and/or silkie eggs $20 weight 4 lbs ship dates 3/24 and 3/25
    Please limit your order to 12 silkie/sizzle Possibly 120 eggs available. That is an estimate of the entire sizzle and silkie pens. It's hard to know for sure because they are unpredictable layers

    Black Orpington - $1.60 per egg weight 3lbs ship date 3/24 and 3/25. Estimate of 10 eggs

    The sizzle colors are
    White silkie roo
    2 black sizzle hens
    2 white sizzle hens
    1 blue sizzle hen
    1 splash sizzle hen
    1 silver laced smooth sizzle hen
    One of the white hens and one of the black hens and the splash hen has been shown. All sizzles are in one pen

    Splash silkies are all splash in a separate pen. The roo is from Bobbi Porto stock and has been shown as well as the youngest splash hen. The hens are my line. I have 3 hens and 1 roo

    Mixed porcelain pen contains 1 porcelain roo from Bobbi Porto stock and a lav split (self blue) hen also from Bobbi Porto stock. Both have been shown

    Silver partridge silkie (currently fertility is being tested and only 1 pullet is laying) They are from my sizzle stock so they carry the frizzle gene but they are not frizzled. I have not yet hatched any chicks from them so I don't know if the possibility of getting frizzled offspring.
    1 grey silkie cockerel
    2 silver partridge pullets.

    Black Orpingtons
    1 black roo
    2 black hens
    These are large birds and lay very nice brown eggs.
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    No more silkie or sizzle eggs will be available. The Orpington and goose eggs are still up for grabs.

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