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Aug 1, 2013
@Faraday40 is the lav roo of any interest to you? I don't know as much about chicken anatomy too determine a breeder, but I do like that solid lav color and he seems well built. Not sure you have room nor need for another roo though... If not, perhaps you know somebody interested in lav orps who would take him.
Perhaps post some more pics before you do the deed. I really, really like his comb. It's actually better than the combs of the 2 cockerels I have here. I'm not sure about the wings, though. Was he holding them down/out because he was hot? @homeschoolin momma , what do you think? Need a lav orp or have any input about his body?

The 2 lav cockerels like to follow me around. It's like they "know" they must be lovable in order to stay. Then there's Mr Potential who will stay near me - especially when I'm weeding or picking in the garden. He's always looking for handouts. He's also best friends with the little boy next door. The boy loves to feed "his rooster" through the fence.

There will be some very hard rooster choices made this fall.
Jun 28, 2017
Sometimes I see these beautiful roos and am sad that I can't have one. And then I see all these people trying to rehome or eat their jerk roos and I am glad I have a built in reason to prevent me from talking myself into getting one. 😂
I've got 2 gorgeous black rooster that are acting like jerks. They are enormous. They need to go now. I saw my poor lav hen having to fight one this afternoon. I think she kicked his butt despite being smaller.


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Mar 12, 2018
Plainfield, IL
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@Faraday40 and @homeschoolin momma I will try to get some more pics tomorrow. I will actually have a day at home all day. I've been rather busy lately.

Today I wrecked my SUV. I was driving down I55 doing 60 mph with traffic and the cars in front of me suddenly slammed their breaks. I'm not sure why as I couldn't see around a large work truck two cars ahead of me. I was forced to slam my breaks and veer into the shoulder, at which point I lost control and nearly hit the car in front of me but managed to turn left towards a concrete barrier wall. I not only hit the barrier wall at my front right corner, but bounce off and spun to hit it with my rear right corner as well. I was rattled and had a headache for hours. I found my glasses in the pocket of the passenger door. I banged my shoulder pretty hard off my driver door. The tail light was nowhere to be found and the headlight was pushed in. Bumpers are both damaged. The radiator broke and poured coolant all over. My tire alignment is way off with possible damage to the suspension and tie rod of the front right tire. My rear right quarter panel is beat up. You get the idea... the car may not be totaled but it's a mess right now.

That said, I haven't done much with the birds today...


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Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
Monday storms came, Power out. My 84 C4 classic that I like to keep dust cover on,,:hit Rear window got cashed. Some fiberglass damage also. Tomorrow having window replaced.

Not pretty.


Tuesday since no power, had to get the genny going.:thumbsup
Would run about 18 hours on a fillup. Only used minimal electricity to run refrigerators, and lights. Connected into house wiring, so everything looked normal inside house. All my lights are LED bulbs, so those do not use much current. Skipped using microwave oven, iron, washing machine, Etc. Did use the TV. ... No internet available even though was connected to my network router.

Power got restored Wednesday late evening. Internet still not connecting, until Thursday late morning.

On another somewhat sad not, lost one of my Polish hens. She went MIA about a week ago. Vanished without a trace from my run area, and during day. We both looked everywhere assuming she was broody and hiding a clutch of eggs. I have a feeling she is no more, and still with no answer.
About 10+ years ago, I had my Golden Sebright go missing for about 2 weeks. I wrote her off.:old,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, then out of nowhere she appeared and stayed. She lived a good long life. About 8+ years. I still have no Idea where she was that 2 week period. Her name was Phantom. I named her that because of the coloring on her face feathers. It resembled the Phantom Of The Opera.

She is the one in upper right. This is an OLD pix from my Media folder, and I no longer have any of these pets.
My current flock of 7..


Free Ranging
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Aug 1, 2013
Sorry about your car, but glad you're OK and walked away from the accident.

It sounds like you had a very rough few days.
If you need a cuddle, I've got just the girl for you.....
IMG_4836 (2).JPG

She may be ugly, but Lonely is sweet and easily gets along with other chickens. If your Polish hen doesn't return, she's all yours. Hatch May 13th. I can guarantee she won't "fly" away. She has silkied feathers, so can't fly at all.

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