ILT?? please help me someone I'm desperate

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    Apr 10, 2010
    Kinsey, Alabama
    I think my flock has Infectious Laryngotracheitis. What can I do? Vaccine?? Treatment? Please help!
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    Apr 6, 2007
    Determine the disease by having your birds tested. There are several diseases that cause ILT-like symptoms.

    Treatment for ILT is not an option but you can treat for secondary infections.

    There is a vaccine but if they already have it the vaccine's potential is limited.

    If you decide to keep an infected flock then let their own immune systems get them through it. Some will die but most should live. The survivors will be carriers FOR LIFE. If you have friends with chickens you risk exposing their birds by carrying the disease on your shoes.

    You may decide to cull your flock, let the disease die naturally (time varies) and get new chickens. Personally for any of these type diseases that is my choice.

    Call your state ag department (see link 3) and have them tested. That must be done ASAP.

    Review this page:

    Spook's Chicken Cold Page:

    Look up your state here for testing:

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