I'm addicted to the sound of an egg turner.


May 25, 2020
PNW (Outside of the CHAZ)
Hello All, I'm Nate and I'm addicted to incubator sounds.

I used to have big dreams and awesome hobbies and projects to occupy my time. I used to watch football, Baseball and NASCAR. I'd work on campers and boats, I'd build things in my awesome garage...and then the Rona hit and I decided I needed an egg source.

I was raised with chickens but when I left the roost myself, I decided to rebel and raise turkeys. Like many experiences as an adolescent trying to find yourself, Turkeys were a habit that I decided pretty quickly and easily that I did not need to continue. Plus I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident and couldn't clean the coop...which promptly ruined the neighbors summer sitting out by their pool. They made me promise to never raise turkeys again.

Now I have a family of my own and my son and I spend out time together taking care of the quail babies. I'm afraid he may only be interested because he enjoys it when they poop on me. Otherwise, we hang out together and watch eggs turn.

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