I'm confused by all the info on sour crop...ideas and help??

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    So I've been going through all the posts on this topic because I have a silkie hen that has a sour crop. I've read about giving ac vinegar, yogurt, not giving them feed, no fruits, but then I find other threads that say yogurt and ac vinegar makes things worse. I just gave her some kefir tonight in hopes of making something work. I tried giving her some olive oil and yogurt earlier, but that was a no go. Tonight I just gave her a very small syringe of it because I was afraid of giving too much. I massaged her crop earlier today and a bunch of liquid came out with a bit of feed. I'm at a total loss here and I feel like I'm running out of time. She's so thin. She's fiesty but I'm sure her body can only take so much. I'd really appreciate some input on the rights and wrongs of dealing with this situation. Thanks so much.[​IMG]
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    The lady at the feed store said Baytril can help, but you need an Rx.
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    As an old schooler home remedy guy I opt for canola oil in the water or olive oil. for them alone. Separate the bird .Massage the crop and gently try working the crop down. Oils are the best lubricant to help with the food passing. I also found a link you may want to look at. I don't know the site but the advice seems all right.

    How to Identify and Treat Sour Crop in Chickens | Suite101

    And true, no lay pellets or solid foods like that. Best of luck... Steve

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