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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by loanwizard, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Last night I was at my lil 4 acre farm. I just got done building a large coop and pen for my layers. Picked up some 3 mo old pygmies, and the girlfriend brought a pregnant beagle home from the shelter. Busy enough as it is, and still have to build a pen for the two Tamworth feeder pigs due next week.

    Anyhow, I started incubating based on a 23 day gestation period.... Swore I saw it here..... Well the boys were looking at the eggs, and about 1/2 and hour later Carla, my girlfriend, said that one of my eggs were cracked. I was ticked, thinking that the boys did something.... Lo and behold, about 6 pm, I had our first pip. By this morning, 13 hours later, I had 5 pips. Incidentally, yesterday evening was the beginning of day 20. I set them on a Thursday evening hoping for a Saturday evening hatch. Thankfully I have to work til 6 pm tonight so I won't be hovering. Maybe I will have more pips today, maybe even some chicks. Sitting here worrying about the humidity, added water Tuesday, humidity is hovering around 65 to 67% if I trust the hygrometer. Reason I have trust issue is that the thermometer in the bator reads 101, and the hygrometer reads 97.2 so who knows?

    We'll keep an eye out and see what happens. I don't want to have to do chick hatch surgery.... not on my first one lol!
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    Incubation for chicks is typically 21 days, but if the temp is high during incubation they can hatch a little early.
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    they will hatch. dont mess with them. i dont think it's ever a good idea. others may disagree however if the chick isnt strong enough to make it out of the shell, he/she isnt strong enough to be on the farm.
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    Your humidity is way too high if you hygrometter is correct. Did you calibrate it before hatch....? If you're hatching early it generally means temperature is too high! Good luck!
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    Quote:I may have been confusing in the way I wrote my post. The hygrometer has a temp reading and a humidity reading. The temp reads 97.2 as compared to a regular thermometer that reads 101. The humidity is 67%. Did you mean that 67% is too high?

    Who knew that a hens butt is so perfect.... for hatching eggs that is....?

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