I'm confused ! whats wrong with my chick


8 Years
May 4, 2011
Cleveland , Georgia
ok so my chick hatched and his yolk wasn't absorbed yet I left him alone in the bator last night now it's absorbed and he's fry but he looks wet and his fluff is like hard and dry ? I don't know what to do he's not up hopping around or anything where his yolk absorbed ( I'm guessing that's a belly button on a chick lol ) is red is he normal what should I do ? anything ? should I just leave him alone will he perk up and get fluffy after while ? I read about some ppl rinsing chicks off should I do that how should I do that ?
We just had a hatch where we helped a chick out. The chick had one wing stuck to it's body. Wifey and the girls cleaned him up with warm wet paper towels. He is now in with the chicks that hatched a day earlier, his balance is not as good as his mates, but he might make it.

We had one we helped hatch in a former batch that went on to be a fine layer. We usually clean them up so they fluff out.
If I have one that has egg stuff stuck on it so it does not fluff I will use warm water and either a paper towel or Q-tips to clean them up. Depending upon my "little voice" when I examine them as to what sort of mess I have I may even run their body area under a gentle flow from the faucet for just a tiny bit and they wrap them in a soft towel to absorb more of the water and then place them in a nice warm incubator to dry. They have always fluffed up but sometimes a chick needs more time than others to get their land legs and figure out life.

If I have really strong chicks that hatched earlier by a day or so (they are always roosters for me) I have another styro incubator going for a nursery and either move the weaker chick or the stronger ones that are stomping all over the weak one. Just depends on how many more eggs I think are going to hatch and who benefits more by the isolation area.
I used som q tips and cleaned him off abit then went out for a while now he's wobbleing around and scooting across the incubator when I picked him up to get a closer look he was dripping wet really weird huh ? so I opened a couple vent holes and put him back he's cheeping and kinda walking around now still not dry though he still looks wet I'm going to let him be till this evening then I'm gonna try rubbing him with some damp paper towels then a warm dry one see if he fluffs up finally lol thanks for the answers !

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