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May 26, 2010
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Hello everyone,

I got 4 duck eggs from some lady( I dont know what kind of ducks) 2 duck and 2 geese i think. well only 1 hatched the rest i guess died before they devoloped
. Im so new to ducks and every thing so forgive me if i sound ignorant.

First question i have is what kind of duck is he? Little Gilbert is 3 weeks and one day old now. Hes really really big like 1 foot long and about 1 1/2 foot or so tall. Hes still yellow/white with a dark bill. He has this thing on the bottem of his top bill(not the cone thing that he used to peck out of his egg it already fell off) thats sharp and can bring blood if he wants too. Another thing is when i leave the room he screams and makes a honking noise, like a bike horn. Is he a goose? or is it just him starting to get his adult voice? my last question is, has he imprinted on me yet because if my wife is in the room and im in the room, but then i leave he screams, she cant calm him down for nothing, he will only stop when i come back in the room. and he follows me around everywhere. im the only one that feeds and takes very good care of him. i dont think hes a goose tho. i could be wrong. If i can find out how to post an image on here maybe that would help...
When you said he honks and is so big already I was thinking he could be a goose. How big was his egg? Duck eggs are about like a big chicken egg. Goose eggs are quite a bit bigger and couldn't be mistaken for chicken eggs. Could you possibly post a picture?
but i also here geese nostrils are lower then ducks, is this true or only some breeds? Or am i wrong? And how in th world do i post a picture from my computer to here? Or is that even possible?
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Look at the top of the page you'll see a tab that says "uploads." Click it. Upload your pic and copy and paste the IMG link it will create here.
Hi! I don't know what he might be, sounds like a goose, but maybe a Muscovy duck when you mentioned the thing at the tip of his bill. I don't know of Muscovies making honking noises, though. I do think he's imprinted on you if he gets upset when you leave and follows you around.
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