All is quiet and calm here. Not a bit of rain or wind.
Em,all this time I thought you lived in Sylvia.(Crap I don't think I spelled that right.)

Sounds like you're in ''Dillard Hollar''. No matter how cold,how wet,how snowy,how hot,...Dillard Hollar is always perfect.

Every time I say something about the weather to my BBF that moved away she tells me how she talked to so and so at Dillard Hollar and the weather was perfect. We laugh and I tell her not everyone can live in ''The Garden of Dillard Eden''.

It's only about 8 mi. from me. I bet if I called there it would be no wind and in the 70's.
A.T. Hagan :

Cold she says! It went to 102 here this afternoon and was as humid as all get out. I'd love to be cold for a while.

Ah... you would love it now but wait... it gets better.

Sometimes over 60 mi. wind gusts in single digit weather. I hate to say this but I hate this time of year. I'm struggling with this time of year. Take me back to spring please.

It would be easier to shovel heat. yes.​

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