I'm getting a MEADOW

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    Dec 26, 2008
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    So my father in law who normally has a bunch of hairbrained ideas on how to get rich quick and or modify things ( like our lawnmower that has headers on it for one) found a man to not only clear our land of trees, but pay us for the wood and send a bunch of men out for a few days to do it.

    I knew I liked him for a reason [​IMG] We've been here a year and a half and the biggest project that we were facing was how to clear about 5 acres of Red and White Oak and Pine trees to make room for my horse and perhaps a llama. We had gotten quotes upward of $1300.00 an acre including debris removal. . . not only does the man buying the wood have extremely neat "helpers" but he's got a friend whos loaning us a chipper and he's going to ask his crew if anyone wants to make 50.00 for a day of chipping with our family. They even stacked the smaller pieces for us in piles near the branches so that we can just go ahead and put them up by the road for sale.

    I just looked out the window and saw that as far as dropped trees goes I already have MORE than enough room for my horse to go!

    I can't wait for them to be done... I'll have a MEADOW! I'm thinking I may fence even more in and get a few calves....

    I'm going to take pictures in a few !
  2. What company did you go through? we are also trying to get someone to come out here and "BUY" our wood. We got at least 10 acres of land that need to be cleared out. We had someone come out here to do it but they never even STARTED!
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    Its great to hear you excited!
    Cant wait for the pics [​IMG]
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    I'd love to have someone do a modified clearing of my extra 3 acres and remove the stumps and brush, in exchange for them keeping the good oak wood. You think I could get someone to do that? I'd love a meadow, too!!
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    Jul 24, 2009
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    This was just a guy who owns a farmers market in columbus by summer , wood lot by winter [​IMG] he literally fills his whole lot with wood. Right now they have a box truck and trailer being loaded. He plans on doing both weekly.

    Best bet would be to post on craigslist that you want land cleared and they can have the wood- I just post FREE WOOD - CLEAN UP YOUR MESS AND ITS YOURS. or something like that.

    if you're wary of CL you could go to a local business or feed store and offer them the wood or post a sign.

    We got lucky.

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