Im getting really tired of the VET!


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Right my girls have been sick , with sneezing ( not all) a bit of mucus from nose .. not all, one with swollen eye, they have been on baytril and now some other type of antibiotic( cant remember name)

Vet took loads of tests, she said they have Trichomonas, which she wants to treat after we get the Chalmydia test back.

She says the Protozoan is not that bad and only a side effect of something else.

Anyway today she calls and said that they trecheal test ( down the throat)

shows a massive Candida Thrush infection!

So now she wants me to dose them up with Sporonox ?!

I looked the medication up and it comes out to be a humane med?

does anyone know anything about this ?

she said it comes in little capsules and I have them open them then count the kernels inside I should medicate 30 kernels per Kilo bird ..!! for 3-4 weeks !!

Anyone have any ideas abou ttreating thrush in chickens? to me this sounds a bit wacky ..

I asked if she had something else to treat the candida with but she said nothing that wouldnt give them liver function failiur or possibly worst .

This has cost me over £200 ($350) in vet bills and Im starting to feel hopeless.

Ive lost 2 birds ( to completely different symphtoms...

My girls are happy , scratching laying , moving and eating alot!

Vet also said that due to the antibiotic they might have developed the candida she failed to think abou that when she took the test they werent even ON Antibiotics????

2 are sneezing but they seem healthy , I have a bit of funny poos every now and then and alot of water poops...

Do you think I should stick with what she is saying ??

Or ??

I feel helpless...

Kind regards

The thing with most vets is that most of the time they are not certified to even treat poultry, but are happy to run a million tests and send you a big fat bill for it. I don't think I'd go back.
Look at Susanorleans post, "My poor chicken" there is a reply for food mix that should help any chicken... its full of good bactieria, I would not want to be medicating and medicating I just think sometimes vets may not be so well versed with the bird thing, they are different. I was just thinking that someone will have a better suggestion but in the mean time I would try introducing lots of good bactieria to make up for the antibiotics. Good Luck
I give them Bio Yoghurt everyday , and they were not even on antibiotics when the yeast was present ....

Its so frustarting the person who we got the poorly hen from thinks Im loopy and got really angry when I took one of my dead birds to the vet for post mortem ..

I bet he got angry he thinks Im going to set him up .. I wish I could in a way !

2 of the hens I got from there died within a week.


Kat and Dan
What did the other chicken die from, have you got the results yet? Just wondering. I am sorry that would be very discouraging to me and make me mad too.
So sorry you are having trouble with your birds. See if you can find Nystatin for poultry. Check with feed stores. Giving yogurt too is a good idea. I give mine yogurt as a treat now and then. Good luck.
Ok, I found this on another post and thought you might find it useful.

hay/straw etc seems always to be involved in crop issues and for that reason I do not let it anywhere around my birds (I use shavings in the nest) ... other people say they have never had any problems but I am not willing to take that risk. If and when you do manage to get the crop empty you can add ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to the water (but please test the natural pH of your water first (a place that sells acquarium and pond supplies will have those cheap strips to test the water pH) and THEN add ACV till it reaches 4.5)

OR you may want to try this:
Use this solution as a treatment for mycosis (mold infection) in the crop. An alternate name for the condition is "Thrush". Use the solution as a "follow-up" treatment after flushing with epsom salt solution--refer to the section for LAXATIVE SOLUTIONS.....
Dissolve .5 lb copper sulfate and .5 cup vinegar into 1 gallon of water
for a "stock" solution.
Dispense stock solution at the rate of 1 oz per gallon
for the final drinking solution.
An alternate method of preparing the solution is:

dissolve 1 oz copper sulfate and 1 tablespoon of vinegar into 15 gallons water.
Use either solution as the sole water source during the course of the disease outbreak. Copper sulfate is often referred to as "bluestone"."
ETA: course of treatment is 3-5 days I believe)

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As you can see it was posted by: dlhunicorn Hope it helps.
Nystatin is the most common med used for candida (if she found that she should treat it!) and I certainly havent run across anything that said that use of that med (properly) will cause liver failure.
Itracanazole is what Sporonox is and it is often used for fungal infections (so if she found aspergillosis for instance
> this often present with sneezing and runny eyes and mucous but then so does trichomoniasis candida/thrush vit A deficiency etc.) ... these things really need to be tested for as the med for the one will do nothing for the other... often birds will have more things going on simutaneously and the exact details of how to treat (together? the one before the other?) > depends on the individual case/symptoms and the meds chosen to use to treat those symptoms. The symptoms are very similar (unfortunately each recquiring different meds) and testing is the best route to go to ensure you are treating for the right thing. I am not a vet so I could not possibly comment on why she has chosen this particular route but it is a good thing in principle to test for the exact organism(s) present causing the symptoms.

Sometimes it is simpler (seeing as poultry are a "food" animal ) to choose a human med not on the list of FDA "forbidden" meds > nothing wrong with a human med > a med is a med> only the dosage is different.

If the birds have trichomoniasis it needs to be treated ... if they have candida it needs to be treated ... if she gave baytril then it is usual for a one or two shot treatment to be sufficient to get whatever it was and then to go on for treating the candida and whatever else she found. I agree with the previous poster about the fungal organisms (aspergillosis) and straw > I dont let straw anywhere near my birds.
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All sorts of things can result from lowered immune systems/ imbalanced gut flora.

Stress can lower immune systems causing suseptableness to various aliments and getting an ailment can then lower it even more and make them more suseptable to other ailments. Stress can cause vitamin deficiancies which can lower you bird's health (stress = too hot, too cold, too crowded, over stimulated with handling, being in damp or drafts....etc)

I would support their immune systems as best you can- look into herbs and probiotics. You may have to do your own research into things available at health food local feed dealers look at me like I have 3 heads when I ask for 'fancy items' like that.
Put electrolytes and vitamins in their water/food and consider not just using yogurt, but going and getting a high quality probiotic capsule and breaking it open and mixing it with some food- small amount to be sure they eat it right up and it doewsnt get wasted. Alot of the good stuff in yougurt gets broken down by the stomach and doesnot make it into the gut where it is most needed. So making sure they are super supplimented cant hurt.

It always stinks to have to go to the vet- even if you paid the vet just to say that there 'was NOTHING wrong' at least you would KNOW. If you went to the doctor for yourself it would be WAY more I is upsetting to have to pay so much either way.

However, most vets I know do not make alot of money- the lifetime of repaying student loans to pay for vet school and work in a business that does not always pay you fairly...But I work with a vet so I know. A lot of the bloodtests get sent away to labs, labs charge outrageous prices for these tests and hospitals still have to hike up the prices to make profits. Every year the labs raise the costs of tests, so every year hospitals have to jack up their prices to get all their staff paid.

I am sorry everyone has to suffer- If I didnt work for a vet I would just have one 1 dog NOT 4! It IS expensive. I say if you hate your job- see if a vet hospital needs a receptionist...LOL, you get to be around animals all day, learn alot of stuff, and get a 50% discount on pet care!!!

But I am glad you went and I'm glad you found out what you did. If your birds have these things best to nip it in the but or you will continue to have unhealthy birds. Candida can make 'peopel' very ill. I have candida myself and I have been eating pure coconut oil as it is a natural antifungal/bacterial/yeast killer. I am not sure if chickens can eat it though....
My boss is a natural vet and uses human chinese herbs on animals. My chicks were just on an immune boosting suppliment for sneezing and after 4 days no more sneezes...
I wish there were more 'natural' vets out there....

Wish you luck!!!!!

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