I'm getting some Purebred Auracana hatching eggs!!


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
Oh man! This is SOOO exciting!
. I've found some pure rumpless Auracana breeders and I'm FINALLY going to get some eggs to hatch! I won't get them until February or so and they are NOT CHEAP (as hatching eggs go) but its going to be totally worth it!

I thought I was bad when I was waiting for my own eggs to hatch. I'm going to be OBNOXIOUS when THESE eggs are incubating! Look out, DH! You're in for a doozy of a time!
The first time I started hatching the Araucana, I think all my husband saw of me was my behind, because I was always bent over the incubator window. 4 years later and thats where you can find me every week on hatch day. First thing in the morning, several times during the day and last thing at night. Even my husband will look in the window sometimes to see what all the fuss is about.

And just wait untill you hatch your first tufted chick. You will feel like you won the lottery.

Well, I'm getting them from YOU cashdl! So I'm sure I will know EXACTLY what you are talking about!
you have officially "made my spring"! I absolutely cannot wait! Well, I guess I can.....cuz I HAVE to!
I just didn't think I would ever pay so much for a dozen eggs! When you pm'ed me the price, my heart dropped and my eyes bulged a bit...
Then 2 seconds later I began to devise my financial justifications for it.... I'm selling my Lady Amherst pheasant, added to the 3 chicks I'm selling on Tuesday and Poof! I have my dozen paid for and I convinced myseld that its ok! Ahh... chicken psycology in its purest form. I even convinced the dh, who "doesn't even like the chickens"
You beat me to the punch line!
I agree, Wbrooder17, please do come on over to the Araucana's thread. While you wait for your eggs then wait for them to hatch, you can read the hundreds of pages of conversation there about this cool breed and find lots of new friends and breeders to swap chicks with.
Will do! I hope I get some that are the gorgeous colors I've seen on some of these birds....I'm especially hoping for some white ones with splashes of whatever!

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