im going to be building a run soon...


11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Los Angeles CA
well as my chickens grow and multiply i have realized that they are going to need alot more room to roam around so ive decided im going to build a run, i dont know when im going to start construction, but my coop is three sections and i want to make 3 runs so i can keep my breeds separated
heres what i had in mind i just made this on paint the measurements arent accurate but you can get the idea, and if anyone else has any better ideas i would love to hear them

first of all, here are some pics of my coop where the chickens live and you can see what i have to work with





and heres my idea for how to build the run
Good idea to have different runs. I am not quite sure if I understand the sketch right.....The photo looks as if you could just cut popdoors in the back wall and build the runs out back, seperated as the indoor space is. The sketch looks as if the indoor coop areas are not 'lined up' agianst the backwall though?? I'm not a good builder but as long as you have a plan on how to get everyone easy access to the run (including yourself.....) and have a system that allows for easy cleaning that's good...
I just gave a run-cown on how I did mine to DWH. He/she posted "We are building a pen and I wanna know how predator-proof it."

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