I'm going to do it.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by LoneCowboy, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Aug 26, 2007
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    Well, I've decided to stop bringing in baby chicks and brooding them for people. [​IMG] No more little fuzzy butts (in large quantities that is) for me.

    I figured that I could make more money on the eggs in the same time it takes to brood chicks. It will be a lot easier, and I don't have to deal with people backing out on their orders. If they don't get their eggs, I can put the sign out on the road and get rid of them in 20 mins. But it isn't that easy to find buyer for chicks all the time.

    I also figure that eggs would be more consistant sales wise. With a little extra light, they'll lay in the winter and I don't brood in the winter. I can still bring in meat chickens cus i've got one of the stacked brooder.

    So the plan is to go down and buy 20 red sex-links from the TS tomorrow and brood them with my hatchlings then make a temp coop for them until they grow up to 18 weeks old. I'll bring in one more group of layer chicks, after the one I have in there, and then I'll bring in the meat chickens. After they've been brooded for 4 weeks, they'll go out to the tractor, and the Red sexlinks will take over the brooder coop. (I'll have to make a bigger run is all)

    And then I'll be able to supply more eggs. Ok, anybody see flaws in this plan?

    The big coop will be for my pretties. Not as high production, but for one or two of all the wonderful breeds that are out there. Orps, and such. Then I'll still have my breeding coops as well.

    I'm just thinking this will cut down on my work load a lot. Some times during the spring and fall, I'm out working on the tractor for 12 hours a day (wished it was more consistant) Anyway, this way I'll worry less about the little ones and if they are too cold or to hot or whatever.
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    Sounds like a good plan to me. You can still hatch chicks for your own pleasure...and you'll probably enjoy them a lot more when there isn't so many of them to worry about and take care of. Like you say it'll be a lot easier to get rid of some extra eggs than it is extra chicks. Good luck in your venture!!

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