I'm going to surprise the DGF this spring and plant 95 tulip bulbs

Moles eat grubs and worms, not tulip bulbs. My guess is that your problem is actually voles, a mouse-like animal.

If the holes in the wire are small enough, seems like would help until it rusts away. You might do some research on voles to see it you think that is the real culprit and see what measures you think might work for you. To be honest, I'm not that familiar with them.

I can't grow tulips without serious effort. The deer seem to love them and keep them eaten down.
Rabbits ate mine at ground level so I put rocks around them and they bloomed at ground level..also had a problem with moles! I will plant tomatoes this year cause my grandson is hooked on cherry toms..he is 16 months old and will take off around the side of the house towards the tomatoes saying Eat Eat! lol!
Yep, deer and squirrels eat tulip bulbs, but not daffodils!! Try planting them both together because if the critters try the daffs first, they'll be discouraged from trying more, thus some of the tulips will survive and she’ll have a variety of blooms! It sounds like she’ll have a beautiful surprise next spring.
i did a little research and found out that chicken wire will work but hardware cloth works better. the life expectancy of the hardware cloth being underground is about 15 years.

they said oyster shells can help also.
Use the hardware cloth. Here I use pots to keep them looking good, but we don't chill so i have to dig them out, chill in the fridge over fall and repland in december to get flowers the next year.
I have never had issues with anything digging my bulbs up or eating them.

However, YOU ARE WONDERFUL IMO I would love to get that as a gift!!!!!!!!!!! Brownie points for you

I plant my bulbs in the fall for spring.
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