im having a VERY difficult time finding MARAN chicks.. PLEASE HELP!


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Apr 8, 2012
hello, i have looked around a few hatcheries online and most are sold out of Maran chicks. i really want to purchase some this Friday but need a place to order. Anyone know?????


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Aug 13, 2013
central new york
Sometimes local feed stores have bullion boards that you could out on their that you want some or Craigslist. I know a breeder who is in New York, where I live, that has some in which I think you can purchase eggs and be sipped to your house otherwise all her chicks are store pick up only.


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Feb 19, 2011
Massachusetts, USA
THis is still a relatively rare breed, and only recently has the hatcheries added it to their listings. As with all good things patience is required and instant gradification will not be satisfied in this case. I waited many months to get my chicks . . . . hope you have better luck, comb every option and you might just find them.


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May 19, 2009
i live in ny
You will rue the day you buy them from a hatchery. You will not get the extra dark eggs
and the body type will be deficient. There are a bunch of Marans breeders in NY.
What color are you seeking and which part of NY do you live in? Black Copper and
Wheaten are the colors currently accepted by the APA.
Best Regards,
former Director of Archives
Marans of America Club


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10 Years
May 19, 2009
nick for BYC : marquisella
Sue Osio, also known as amazondoc
In central NY.
I have known Sue for years. Really dedicated to the Marans breed.
Look at the stunning number 7 egg she got from one of her Black Coppers.
Do yourself a favor and choose the Black Copper. It has always been the showcase color I the breed. Do not pick one of the unrecognized colors. They need so much work. You can have fun with the Black Copper now. See if you can get started birds. That will put you back on track to be hatching eggs with the rest of us next Spring. Always a fun time and you won't be sitting ringside watching the fun. Plus, if you get started birds, you may pay a bit more but you will see exactly what you get. I have started with eggs, and day old chicks. Very frustrating. This time I started with started birds. Great choice. worked out great and I got just the quality I wanted. It costs just as much to feed the lesser birds than the high quality.

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