im in a deep trouble :( please help

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    Jan 24, 2013
    My dad got one Polish hen... but the bad thing is she is not eating anything... :( it's been three days now... she's not even looking towards the food... and not even drinking water :\ i dont know why....
    but today i gave her bread and ofcourse she didnt ate it... but i hand fed it... afterwards i offered her egg yolk she didnt ate it aswell... i fed her with syringe... giving water also with syringe...
    I dont know she's behaving like this.. may be she got afraid of new place :-\
    Well one more thing i would like to add here... she is opening her mouth again and again after every minute like if there is stucked in her mouth... may be it's Flu... cz her nose is also WET....
    im giving her Terramycin (anti biotic) and Vibramycin (anti biotic) with water...
    But there is no Good sign of change :\
    and yes her waste (poo) colour is Green and White :(

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