im in for a fight .....I LOST!!!!

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    well, here i go again! just when i thought i was "sorta ok" .im not, now i have to fight the city, animal control came by this morning, & said code enforcement wants them gone, i have talked to all of these nice folks, & technically all of them didn't really care that i have chickens, so i don't know what gives? i even tried the "they are asian ground parrots", well that went over like a lead, but I'm gonna fight tooth & nail, oh & beak, gonna try to get on the city council meeting on the 12th of Jan. if any of my fellow BYCers want to email in or on my behalf, PLEASE help me! most of the people i have talked to don't realize that major cities have allowed chickens in the city! in the state i live in ,which is N.C., Raleigh, Cary, i think durham & a few more allow them, so say prayers! & wish me luck.....................and THANKYOU!!!!

    you can email the city clerk at [email protected]
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    Praying and e-mailing on your behalf!! I hope it helps!!
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    Quote:THANKYOU!!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:THANKYOU!!! [​IMG]

    You are Welcome! I did send an e-mail to the address provided listing reasons for them to reconsider allowing backyard flocks. I will let you know if I hear anything back! [​IMG] I really hope it helps! I'm not a city dweller, but I feel for those who are! God Bless!!
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    FIRST, find out exactly what the ordinance/zoning says. SECOND, look up the definition of "pet" per your zoning or ordinance code.

    Next, how many birds do you have? What breed & gender? also how do you keep them?

    And also, how did animal control/zoning find out about them? Was there a complaint? And if so, exactly what does the complaint say?
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    Wow. I did a quick google search for the ordinances affected Halifax Co. and came up with the following document:
    which doesn't seem to clearly say how many you might be able to keep legally or in what condition (at a quick glance - I did not read every word of it). You've probably already read this but in case you haven't, you might brush up on it before the 12th....
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    I sent an email.

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    I'm ready for the fight as well but that's another story! You can let them know that the City of St. louis, MO allows an individual to keep up to 4 chickens on one parcel of land, any more than that and they have to seek a non-commercial kennel permit.
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    Quote:hi, i have 7 silkies, of which 2 are roos, they are contained in a 10x20 chain link pen, that has a coop attached, and I've had them about 4 yrs, i also had other chickens, standard size, but i have since re-homed the standards, what brought all this about was, about a month or so ago, there was an intoxicated young man on our street who was raising all kinds of noise such as yelling & cussing at 4:30 am, well someone called the police on him, when the police showed up, he runs through our backyard! well the cops chased him, and when they did, the cops saw my chickens! so i was reported to animal control, well animal control came out bright & early in the morning, but he basically really didn't care about the chickens, because he never had no complaints on them, so, i thought i was ok, so, i had talked to code enforcement, same deal, no complaints so they really didn't care, so i talked to the city manager, same thing.........nobody really cared! so i thought i was good to go.............NOT! this morning animal control comes knocking telling me code enforcement says they must I'm wondering what happened to all this not caring?? my guess is they might be worrying about their jobs? i don't know so i will go try for legalization, now i have the mayor on my side, but he dont get to vote at the council meetings but he can put his 2 cents in! so animal control said he would speak at the meeting, said he would tell the truth, that they are clean & never had complaints, so i hope all will go ok [​IMG] also, all my neighbors love them, they all miss my big RIR roo, he was re-homed also.
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    Quote:hi, thank you for taking the time to do that, but that is for the county, I'm in the city, i cant find anything on the computer for the city, but they say no chickens! so im just going to see if i can change the ordinance.
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