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Not that I know of. And
This is a great place, and posting about religion and politics is strongly discouraged. This is a community of many different beliefs, and it always goes badly. The one thing we all agree on is the simply awesomeness of chickens!!!

Uh oh. I think I'm going to lose this religious debate if I even try to start, so I won't.
Although I would praise a chicken if you gave me enough money to do it.

I do agree with the others on one fact though - religion isn't a topic that is encouraged here. Due to different beliefs, arguments soon start and threads have to be closed.
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are you talking about honering a god or something like that? i'm sure its out there but me personally just love my babies and they are a beauty to watch. i have watched youtube videos were the person burtching was thanking god(deity,ect) for the chicken kinda like on the movie avatar. here on byc its recomended that religion not be descussed due to the fact that each person is defferent and has their on opions and the descussion could(and most likely would) get ugly and mean. thats just what i have seen and know people who do that.
Why YES! Yes it does...
We all pray to the giant chicken goddess and her eggs are used in all kinds of rituals... (omlets, fried, boiled, scrambled..etc..)
And the roosters? Well, we use a few for breeding, but most are turned into Capons.....
Why?? Do you want to join us???

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